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General information

  • The International Summer School aims to increase knowledge on a topic related to sustainability and to facilitate intercultural exchange by an interdisciplinary and international setting.
  • The topic of the event addresses a sustainability issue which will be explored and discussed with experts and praticipants from around the world.
  • It is open to interested master students as well as bachelor students (some study experience is recommended) from all subjects.
  • The International Summer School is composed of two parts: The accompanying program provides an experience of language, region and culture for all international participants. The subsequent professional program includes international streams, keynote speeches, discussions, and project work.
  • The language of the event is English.
  • The number of the participants is limited.


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Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Bochum University of Applied Sciences  and Westphalian University of Applied Sciences cooperate in the strategic alliance of Higher Education Alliance Ruhr (Hochschulallianz Ruhr - HAR) and in various projects, such as Ruhr Master School (RMS) and InduTwin, to broaden the offers for their students.

The three universities of applied sciences and arts are located in the Ruhr Metropolis, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Region & Culture

  • Ruhr Metropolis is the largest metropolitan area in Germany. Innovation and digital transformation are the driving forces behind the regional structural change from a former industrial location with coal and steel industry to a technology and science hotspot, including in the areas of energy, mobility, health, integration, civil security and digitization.
  • The Ruhr Metropolis has a young, creative cultural scene and stands for a cordial life together.
  • With its more than five million inhabitants, the region is characterized by its ability to bring  people from a wide variety of countries, regions, and cultures together.

Contact and further Information

For any specific questions please reach out to summer-schoolnvd-spamprotection@nvd-spamprotectionhochschulallianz.ruhr

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