23/08/2021 - 03/09/2021


„Smart Cities – that means making cities more future-proof, networked and sustainable on the basis of digital technologies. The concept of the smart city requires intelligent, learning cities that take care of sustainability, resource efficiency, social networking, citizen integration and participation, economy and climate in the long term in terms of their common goals.”[1] The Ruhr area is the largest metropolitan area in Germany. Innovation and digital transformation are the driving forces behind the regional structural change from a former industrial location to a technology and science hotspot.

[1] (3 Küffmann, Karin 2020: SMART CITIES Städte nachhaltig, ökologisch und wirtschaftlich attraktiv gestalten: Vorgehen und wesentliche Strukturelemente zur Entwicklung einer intelligenten und lernenden Stadt. S. 2.)


Under the title “SUSTAINABILITY: REGIONAL – SMART CITIES”, our RMS Summer School offers an exciting programme by covering a groundbreaking topic in an international setting. The complex development and opportunities, but also the critical aspects of the digital transformation of cities will be discussed interdisciplinary by experts and participants from all over the world. We will focus on both chances and risks in the diverse sectors of urban spaces.

General Information to the Summer School

  • The Summer School is supported by the DAAD with funds from the German Federal Foreign Office.
  • English is the language of the event.
  • All students will receive a confirmation of participation.

On this website you will find all the important information about the International RMS Summer School. You will receive a password to access the closed area.

In the Region and Culture section, you can find out interesting facts about the Ruhr Metropolis, life in this region and its history on the background of the structural change from a coal-mining region to a science and education hotspot. Ruhr Master School section provides a portrait of the Ruhr Master School as a video.

Professional Programme

Summer School participants get to take the advantage of:

  • impulse-talks from (international) experts
  • discussions with international participants
  • project-work in international and interdisciplinary teams
  • intercultural networking and training
  • getting an insight into the practice of Smart Cities
Accompanying Programme

Overview of language, region and culture:

  • German crash course
  • get to know the region
  • Buddy programme with local students
  • events and mutual exchange


Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, Bochum University of Applied Sciences and Westphalian University of Applied Sciences cooperate in their master’s degree programmes in engineering, computer science, economics and sustainability to broaden the offers for their students, among them international activities. The offers of the three universities of applied sciences are bundled in the Ruhr Master School/RMS.


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